Lost 4 hours of work on Team Create

Today I was working on my game on Team Create, and upon pressing F7 to start a server + players, the server/players test crashed, and I was immediately disconnected from Team Create with no dialog other than the “you have autosave files” dialog that appears when you open studio for the first time.

When I opened the team create place back up (which I think overwrote my autosave files, because there are no longer any auto saves for the work I have been doing in the past 4 hours), all of my progress had not been saved (this includes any instances added, removed, or modified), there was no script recovery (nothing in AppData), and there were no autosaves in the relevant auto-save directories (except potentially one that was overwritten because I had immediately re-joined the team create place before I realized that my work had been lost). On the website, the latest version I could have reverted to was one made four hours ago, which was not manually published.

I don’t think there is any way I can recover this progress that I know of, but I am not sure what exactly caused this crash, or why there weren’t any safeguards to save my progress along the way. I had regularly been pressing F5 to run Play Solo tests in the window, and it was only after I pressed F7 to run a multi-window test for the first time that studio had crashed.

My only guess is that the Team Create server itself had crashed, since starting Play Solo tests should automatically save your script progress to TC.


@DataBrain, sorry to hear about that.

You know, team create reliability is always our top priority task, we will try to analyze it. So, Could you share me the log files & dump files by zipping the folder of “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Roblox\logs”?

And please share me the game url, also the rough starting/ending time during which your work was lost.

Thanks a lot!

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Are you using Studio with the account of “DataBrain”? Somehow I could not find your crash record in the recent week in our system. If you are using Windows OS, we should be able to find the crash record:-)

And is package used in your game?

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Hey, just so you are aware we are actively trying to solve this problem. This issue has hit our “Emergency” list. Losing work is not acceptable, and we are looking towards the future on projects we can work on to guarantee your work is always safe.

Thank you for the report, and I will update this thread on our status in the future.



Just for context on this thread, lll_xyz reached out to me through DMs, and we determined this was likely caused by packages being marked as out-of-date, even though I had not made any changes (and had reverted the changes that were claimed to have been made). Since then I’ve deleted all PackageLinks in my Team Create places, since they seem to be buggy right now.

Please file a new descriptive bug report for new issues. If you are losing team create work today, it’s likely a different cause than this topic from over a year ago.