Lost_Reed - Scripting Portfolio [Closed]



Update: Not doing this anymore for a while. All current orders will still be worked on.

This portfolio has been made to showcase my past works. Keep in mind that most of these works are old and not up to date with my current skills. I will update the list a bit later.

What I can do

I can pretty much do a lot of things, such as shops, automated jail systems, inventories, etc. And I am always willing to try something new to take on a challenge (some of these examples in my portfolio involved with me doing stuff I never did before)

What I cannot do and will probably never will

  • Vehicles.
  • Anything requiring complicated math (I’m not good at math)
  • Highly complicated weapons (1st person guns similar to those in Phantom Forces for example)

(Still updating list)

Past scripting examples

Main Menu/Client interaction doors
A rather rough elevator
Model paintbrush

Commission Information

I will only accept Paypal payments and Robux payments as downpay (I DO NOT TAKE % REVENUE). The minimum price for each commission will be 100 robux. I will only accept robux payments from group funds, but you can pay via purchasing T-Shirt too though you will have to pay an extra 10%.


Before you pay, you will be able to check out the product made to see if you are satisfied with it. After you pay, you agree that you are satisfied with the final product, and you may not be refunded. Shall there be any bugs, they will be fixed for free.

Shall you attempt to chargeback, attempt to scam (asking me to send the product before you pay counts), rushing (I attempt to work as fast as possible, if I’m going extremely slow or something comes up that results in me having to cancel the order, you get your product for free), or backing out from the order midway or at the end (i.e, “I actually don’t have enough robux”), you will be blacklisted from my services.

In the case the product is so broken and I am unable to fix it in a timely manner, you will be refunded.


You can pm me on devforum
You can also contact me on Discord: Lost_Reed#7355


Cool! When your for hire I might hire you. Any contact information Discord, Twitter?


You should fix this up a little more if you’r not for hire still include about me contact via and what can i do.


Anyway we would be able to contact you?


Aight. Will do.

@im_tool I’ll update my post to include my Discord.


Update yet again: Closed! Sorry about that.


Commissions are now open once more! I’ve updated my contacts and added a contract (you will have to agree to it before ordering).


I recommend you go with Lost_Reed if you need any programming done.
His work was great on Dino Daycare V3 and he’s also a really nice, sound and co-operative person whilst I was working for him.


Unfortunately, due to weird issues I’m having with Paypal, I will no longer be taking Paypal payments.