Lost ROBLOX script changes from yesterday

Issue Type: Other
Impact: Critical
Frequency: Rare
Date First Experienced:
Date Last Experienced:

Reproduction Steps:
No idea what happened, just logged into my team create today and saw all the changes I had made yesterday had been lost? Perhaps because I disabled draft service, then proceeded to make a ton of script changes and turn off my computer?

This is probably a good 4-5hours of work LOST.

Expected Behavior:
Not have my scripts lost… LOL!

Actual Behavior:
My scripts were lost, and I could not find any recovery autosaves/script recovery files


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Hey @jandel,

Sorry to hear that. Just want to get some detail for that, did you turn on “Script Editor Linting” beta feature? Do you remember you did something like editing script while you clicking “play” button?


No I did not enabled Script Editor Linting, and yes I clicked play multiple times so script changes were published.

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Script Collaboration will not be disabled until the Team Create server is restarted after toggling the game setting. Did you restart after disabling this feature? If you re-enable Script Collaboration and rejoin the place after the server shuts down, are your scripts still there, stored as drafts?


Yeah that worked, thanks a lot!

I am glad this issue was taken care of. This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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