Lou Productions: Updates & Announcements

Lou Productions: Upcoming Games & Announcements

Our Executive Team

Founder ~ @Emceptional

Co - Founder ~ @Dunya_Kayguzus

CEO ~ @FridgeArctic

Chief Marketing Officer ~ @GamingMcQueen

Chief Operating Officer ~ @onlyyolive

Chief Development Team

@vnjayy ~ Former Chief Development Officer

@Novolua ~ Head UI Artist & Programmer

@AdamZentaye - Head Obby Development

@Dunya_Kayguyuz - Team Leader

We have more developers, this is just the Head ones

We are currently focusing on one of our most funded games (27M Robux)

It is called: Em’s Difficulty Chart Obby: The Second Chapter
We are scheduled to release the full game by 2022, we will release the 1st part later this year.
We are currently focusing full effort on this game.
This is a game made by Lou Productions
Lead Development: @Dunya_kaygusyuz

Our 2nd game after we are done developing EDCO 2
Our First FPS Game!
We are planning to release this as early as mid - late 2022
Funding: 5M Robux

We are continuing to revamp EDCO 1, but we are not gonna update it as often.

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