Low average play time on release

Hi, I’ve just released my latest game “Tank Battles!”

Right now the average play time is about 10 minutes on PC - much lower than I expected. I tried to put in a ton of content, as well as use a cool concept! The like ratio isn’t great either.

What did I do wrong?
What can I do to improve playtime?

Link: [NEW] Tank Battles! [SIMULATOR] - Roblox

The game is really well made, but I’m guessing it’s because a lot of PC users are older, and the game seems to be another pet sim clone (no offense, the game is actually good!). How’s the play time on mobile?

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Thank you! Right now 95% of visits are from PC as we’re only running ads for PC right now. Tablet/Mobile time is 7/6 minutes

Ah, i see. That makes more sense. I’d say advertize to mobile and see what happens. Also surprised at that mobile play time, seems like it should be the oppostite.

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If your game is targeted towards younger children, I strongly suggest you sponsor or advertise only for mobile.


Would love more feedback if anyone has the time :grin:

Similar thoughts to others here, might be appealing to the wrong target audience. Additionally, what sort of positive feedback loops do you have in the game to keep players engaged?