Low concurrent player count with 2K in sponsors

The game that I am sponsoring has a low concurrent player count. I do not know if this is a problem with the gameplay or if it’s the amount of robux I spent on sponsors. However, I know that there are 3 types of players in the game. The first type joins, and then leaves without moving from spawn. The second type joins, but after dying or getting to the night type stage, they leave. The third type joins, and thoroughly enjoy the gameplay and stays around for about 20-30 minutes, but not enough players join during that time span that they leave eventually.

Can you guys provide some feedback on what you feel might be the problem? Here is the link to the game:


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Pre-tested ads would have been better than sponsoring. 2k robux is not enough to do anything. 5k bare minimum assuming effective ads and excellent game.

People form an opinion in the first 7 seconds. In the first 7 seconds players click “PLAY!”, get swamped with eye-burning neon green text, and are told they need to spend time mining resources. Clicking through menus is boring. Reading mountains of text is boring. Mining wood and ore is boring. This isn’t what I expected based on the picture and description. Also saw people getting repeatedly spawnkilled.

How come pre-tested ads are better than sponsoring?

It shows you specific data on which ad is perceived better by players.

Hello! I had discovered your game from an advertisement that appeared on my screen while I was surfing through the Roblox website. I found the thumbnail was well made, and the game was well developed and really good compared to other smaller games. However I was not able to play for long because there were no people to interact with, because of this, getting started was boring since I had to do all the work myself, which was something everyone playing should have done. People leave the game not because the game is bad, or there is something wrong with the ads, but maybe because its a little lonely.

let me tell you one thing, sponsors suck

100% agreed, its so sad that you need robux to make a popular game. Or by some 1/10000 chance a youtuber reviews your game and people flood it.

Younger developers have a 4% chance of getting popular.
I think roblox staff should go into games, review them. And then put them on like a “Best games of the day” thing. Now this would never work cause I mean, theres a billion games. But something like that would’ve worked in 2009-2013 where there were fewer games.
Personally , I started playing in 2016 so I dont know.
I Just wish there was a free way to get famous instead of having a 1/40 million chance to have a youtuber join your game. People put so much effort into games that barely even scratch the surface of roblox.
Instead, repeated simulators are given millions of visits, when the people who work hard are left with (if they are lucky) 5 players a month.

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yeah it is really sad to see people make some of the best games but get no recognition

mhm, copy and pasted games get millions of visits but…That one dude who re-made hogwarts still only got a few thousand visits.