Low CTR on game icon

Hi all. Previously, I sponsored my game and found that my game icon has an incredibly low ctr (ranging from 0.1% - 0.3% depending on device).

I have been told that the icon tells nothing about the game, however I am wondering how to improve my game icon. The game is a horror game (run, hide, escape style). Game Link

I would really appreciate any feedback on improving this game icon. Thank you!

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That is a reason why your game icon has a low ‘ctr’. have you tried improving it yourself add little information in your icon so it could give an idea on why players should click a sort of icon like this. From the start it doesn’t really feature that run, hide, style theme within the design; it just has a character’s face looking straight into the camera with a text in front of it that says, ‘HeartBeat’.

You should throw a small amount of information to make the icon look more attractive and interesting; something that’ll give players a thought wanting to click your icon to play your game to check it out.

Right now, the icon provided above doesn’t really show what the game is about. All it shows is a character, looking straight into the camera view you could get a thought it’s a horror game, but it doesn’t feature that run escape look there are many ways to improve an icon. Perhaps include a character or try not making it so zoomed in!