Low JumpPower causes weird double-jump/jittering behavior

When the character has low jump power/height, it will appear to be double-jumping / jittering at times when holding down the jump button.

To reproduce:

  • Set your Humanoid JumpPower to 26 (Can be any value considered “Low” in this context, Gravity also affects this, the lower the Gravity value the lower the JumpPower has to be to reproduce this).
  • Play the game and hold Spacebar.
  • Your Character will perform a small double jump; not only that but you can also notice how it gets stuck mid-air for a small amount of time.

Repro video:

I’m performing this with R6 in the video, but this happen with R15 too, and regardless of character scaling proportions.

Repro file:

Repro.rbxl (18.5 KB)


We’re aware of this issue, and we will look into it


reminds me of like 2 waves converging in a cycle.
it jumps full power, too fast, jump with strange applied force, reset, repeat.

Reviving this because it’s still an issue.
Also occurs on low gravity values and low JumpHeight values.


Reviving this because it still happens, gravity was being set to 60 and 10 jump power, any fixes to this soon?