Low Lighting features?

Hi i am megatank58,i am working on a game to test my skills, I need some help in Creating Low Lighting
Now my question is:
How would you have compability Using Lighting for Low-end-devices?
What i want to do:
When i join in with a Low-End Device I get lag due to “NEW” Future lighting,Now since you really can’t changes Technology of lighting through scripts as of now how do you all implement Low Lighting In Your Games? And do that with a script now since i can write script myself what i would need is a Post or some source for this or maybe help in this Topic
Yes i have Searched on Devforum,But might have missed something?

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I think its possible to change the brightness property of Lighting via scripts.

Brightness doesn’t makes lag less but I’ll take it into consideration

Lowering the graphics quality reduces the range that Future acts upon. By setting quality to lowest, you’ll effectively be playing with Voxel lighting.

Encourage the user to lower their graphics quality, and make an anti lag switch that disables textures and maybe future lighting on the client.

Well wow that Actually good is there any way to do that via server?