Low Poly Apartment Progression

This is the first lop poly building ive ever really made ever, how do you think it looks so far?


I like it so far!
Maybe try making it so you can’t see through the glass at all so that the shine looks a bit better. I’d also suggest putting some sort of wallpaper on the inside, but that’s just me.
(Also happy birthday :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback man IM planing on putting bricks on the outside so it doesnt look so plain on the outside also, thank you so much for the criticism and feedback!

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I am jealous. I love it, it’s awesome!

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I think it is really nice!

One little touch I would change is the door size. I think it has to be scaled up in total.

Happy Birthday!

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For a first ever low poly house, you did a good job.

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