Low-poly builder/modeler [CLOSED]

About Me

Hi there! I’ve been building/modeling on roblox for a few years now, I specialize in low poly designs.


You can view my assets here:


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via roblox.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Could you also provide images, some people don’t have much time to check out the games!


Hi there I am Ash. I would like to interview u. Message me back

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I’m kind of interested. I’m wondering how much it would cost if I asked you to help model Jojo characters, like this below (but in r6)
Trying to make a game similar to Project Jojo, and I’m looking for low-poly modellers. If you can’t do something like this, I’m also interested in you making a map (if you do that stuff)

If you want, you can add me on Discord saltydumpling#7807 and we can continue talking there.
By the way, I plan on paying through Roblox Gift Cards (if you accept that). I can also pay in PayPal as well.

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