Low Poly Castle

Hey, I was a little bored and so I build this in about 10 minutes-ish, probably not gonna do anything with it but I would just like some feedback on it, thank you!


It looks great, but pretty bland. Try adding some windows, flags and overall more colour.

Thanks for your feedback ill post an update with some of the stuff you said.

I didn’t know where to add the flags but I added more windows and colour. :slight_smile:


Loving the overall structure and the placements of the windows you should possibly add smaller tower holes known as (archers).

If you don’t know where to place the flags there usually on the sides by the front entrance of the walls, putting like flags or something similar along those two lines could be a nice addition to add, however, it really depends on which castle you’re trying to accomplish I’ll attach an image below to get a good overall understanding on what I mean at the start it’s looking good.

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Looks super cool! Definitely needs more detail, it seems to lack it.

Doesn’t look bad my friend, I suggest adding flags onto the front, and on the back. Some red flags sticking out from the towers would add on to the vibe. Keep it up! :slight_smile: