Low Poly City Building - Feedback

This is a low-poly city themed building that I made in about 2 hours of working. I added as much detail as I could possibly think of except the roof where there’s only a chimney. If you would like to check out the game, here it is. Any feedback on how to make it better or more realistic is appreciated!


The game / place is closed. I like it a lot! Theres just one thing that sorta confuses me. The bricks above the wall trim are a bit odd and seem to be in the wrong place. I would move them as the bricks and the wall trim dont look well together side by side. Maybe spreading the brick across the entire wall. Also is the second door supposed to fit in with the glass / be a glass door?

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Looks good, but I agree with a bit of what turtle said, why is there two doors there right next to each other. It wouldn’t really make sense since unless it’s a separate building I don’t see a purpose in putting two doors down. The top of the building where it seems like there’s some form of wood or whatever it’s supposed to be, it seems like it was forced there rather than it being a part of the architecture. I think you could find pictures that have details that might fit the building more.


Hey this should be in #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

The only thing that throws me off is why there is two doors next to each other? There should be one in the front and in the back.

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I like the style & structure of the building! Another thing that looks cool is the detail and how much effort was put in into the building. I feel like there isn’t that much to change to the building a lot, except the doors in the front, what Turtle also pointed out. I would remove the door to the right and keep the window, but everything is nice.

Good work!

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Maybe the one on the left is door that leads to a staircase to head up to apartments above while the one on the right is a store door with a store window? That’s the only thing I can think of.

Looking good! that’s pretty sweet. I recommend checking that if all parts are Anchored even when playtesting :slight_smile: