Low Poly Game Lobby

This is a lobby I made. Not completely done, but for the most part it is. The windows on the club are color changing to replicate a rave / actual club. And the windows on the far side with the words would be for showcasing gamepasses / dev products. And the credits are right next to that. It’s also for sale so :shrug:


I mostly like it. The only problem I have is how uneven the trees are. I feel that the trees layers should be even.

The lobby is cool-looking with nice models, but would be somewhat boring in practice. It could be spruced up with some slides or a pool to keep people interested during intermissions. :slight_smile:

@playerchisom I’m not sure what you mean by how the trees are “uneven” and how it’s a “problem”. The trees look fine to me.

Well… apart from this bit. image

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There’s an obby section it’s just out of frame, and unfinished. That’s why I had my back to the unfinished part. But yes that is a good idea! And for the tree, that’s just the way the lighting is shining onto it.


Ok, I admit it’s not that much of a problem, it’s just a personal opinion of how I like it.