Low-Poly hallway

Hello everyone!

I need some feedback on this futuristic hallway that I made in 20 minutes. I have bad architecture skills but, who knows. Is this decent?
I want to achieve a simple and low poly style, hope you like it!


Let me know what you think of this hallway so far, always open to constructive feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


I love the hallway! The low-ploy fits in with the lights at the corners of the walls, and the smooth plastic is pretty useful.

One small flaw: I feel like the hallway is empty… you don’t have to, but I suggest you add doors on the walls. Either way, the architecture is amazing, and I have no words.


Amazing!! As @n01ton mentioned, a bit empty. Adding some decorations or some doors would look awsome!


I love the hallway. You have a good theme and it fits. I personally think the hallway is a bit empty, maybe try adding something to fill it up.

Overall, I think it looks great!


Thanks for the feedbacks! I will add some doors, details… but anyway, THANKS!

Oh my god, this is good!
I feel like I’m in one of the “Umbrella Inc” facilities.
Really good job. I only recommend framing the lights that are on the sides and changing the material to neon the blue line above and believe me it would look even cooler.
You are so talented, developer brother!

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Looks very sci-fi-y! I suggest you add some neon thingies on the ceiling, it will look much better!

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Tunnel’s good and all but the doorway looks like the front of a suburb house, maybe try making a rotating door like in Portal?

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