Low-Poly Home

Low-poly Home

Hey! I’m T_ommyz, a roblox low-poly builder, I’m currently looking for some feedback for one of my recent builds, I’m always thankful for constructive criticism too!

In this build, I made this off of an example on the web, it is just a simple home, with a garage and main home. The trees were modeled in blender, and no work was taken or used from others.

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Looks great! I really like it, however, you might need to add more detail if you want it to look a little more better! That’s up to you! Keep up the great work! :grinning:

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Amazing! I don’t think I can stress this enough. Good work, keep up the good work!


Amazing job on the house, one thing that is bothering me is the trees, its blocking the view of the window and viewing it from the inside (if you are ever going to make the interior) you wouldn’t see anything outside, I suggest replacing the trees that are covering the window with bushes, perhaps that can help!


Not bad! The structure and design is a good start the tree formation is quite repetitive perhaps give it more variation of shapes to have a more appealing look.

If your wanting to push it more further you should include small little details around door, walls, including lighting features ect. if you used a reference image you could try modifying the color pallet to enhance the design. You should throw more details on the front entrance area and probably throughout the house add some corner bricks, and little details to make it less bland.

Throw a chimney - lighting features and more; houses do have smaller and important details to make it stand out. Consider placing a small window on the door, the color scheme is quite basic and can vary depending on your own approach.

The colors could be changed. The windows and door colors do not fit very well. Try to change the colors to make a dark gray to fit much more well.