Low Poly House Feedback

Hello there,
I already made a post on it but I remake one for some update.
I took feedback of my last post on it to make better creation, but actually I keep the Basic House model I made because it was the only thing who make my huse different than other low poly house medieval.
So first I made a basic house and after I made some variant, I would like feedback on variant I made and variant I would make.

Thanks for evry feedback :slight_smile:


I think the roof should stick out a bit more. Other than that it is rather amazing :D.

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I know its more medieval style ( I had already had this suggestion on my first post ), but I think look cool because is look different than other medieval house and I like this design.

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I like the build. The style is great! I love the small details you added to the house. It could use a bit more detail on the roof because it does look quite empty and the buildings show the same similar design.

However, there are some minor details that you may want to look into changing. Like what has been said above, the roof could use some tweaking, as it seems kinda flat and plain for a medieval house to be looking like that you could try adding some variation to the roof maybe add some parts and rotate them different degrees or you could possibly place a texture on it. I’d personally like the shape and design added to the house to give it a bit of detail to it I would recommend you add some wooden boxes, a well, chairs, ect. It doesn’t need much.

Also, do you plan on making the interior of your medieval house? This is decent! I like small shape your going for! You should consider adding something in the front of the house because it does look quite empty or did you already add those suggestions I said above. Overall this is a great house you’ve made. Consider placing some hanging lantern in the front. It’s a good build.

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I modified the roof to add more detail like you said and I made that :

It’s good, though I find them to be a bit small and the extension on the green house seems… Idk, off? The shingle for the last pic appear to be a little bit larger, but otherwise its really nice.

These look really well made, nice work! :+1:

I think this looks great! However, like what Luxorz said, I find them slightly small. That’s all. keep up the good work! :smiley:

The roof still shows a flat design to it, however if you feel like removing the tiles from your roof because it doesn’t look good I would try changing it up instill you find one that fits with the build.

So far things look great. I think if you were to add more details it would look a lot better than it already does. For example, the roof is pretty decent, but, I think if you were to add better tiles on the roof it would look more put together. You could add a lantern in the front of the house or a small chimney coming out of the roof as well since there appears to be nothing on some of the roofs a small example below could give you an idea on what I mean about the “tiles”.