Low Poly Landscape [Feedback]

Hello guys!

I came to share an image of a finished project of mine made in Blender 2.93.
It’s a Low Poly Landscape!

Image here:

Feel free to leave your feedback, all feedback and constructive criticism are welcome. Grateful for the attention


i cant think of something you can add that makes it better, but it looks great so far

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This looks great! I love the amount of detail in this, great work!


In my mind I just thought about adding rocks and more rocks, haha :sweat_smile:. Just kidding, I thought about adding a bonfire, something like that, but it’s like that phrase “sometimes the little is more”.

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it!

Very warm and cozy autumn vibes :fallen_leaf: :jack_o_lantern:there can’t be any criticism bc its perfect

WAIT add few pumpkins somewhere maybe

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This looks absolutely amazing. I think you could really make a game out of all this. Well if you know scripting but hiring a scripter is always possible!. But basically awesome work!

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You said it all!

Wow, very good your pumpkin idea, I will definitely consider it. Pumpkins are so scary and cute at the same time they go with everything, anywhere,even if it’s not halloween. I’m going to add about 3 pumpkins with yellow lighting inside them, close to the house maybe, I’m sure I’ll scare a lot of people with them haha. :jack_o_lantern:

Thanks for the amazing feedback.

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Thanks for the feedback!

This idea of ​​a game with these assets would be cool, but I just want to stay in blender learning and playing there! And scripting is not my strong point, script scares me more than any horror movie, haha.

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