Low Poly Map Builder [OPEN][10k]

Hello Developers :slight_smile:

About Us
Civilization simulator is a game started by @GamingForever941 and @Kisferenc. It is a game based of of Foundation. We have just gone into early development. The game is going to be under the account @GamingForever941. Unless you have a group.

The Team
Lead Scripter/ Co-owner: @GamingForever941
Lead Modeler/ Co-owner: @Kisferenc
Scripter: @Johnkiller10o
Scripter: @SilencedBobSquad
Builder: @CouldBeYou

About the Job
Your Job will be to make a low poly map and help @Kisferenc model. The map needs to be in the same low poly style as Foundation.

You need to be 13 or over,
You need to speak fluent english.
You need to be able to work 1-2 hours a day minimum
You need to have 1+ year expirence

I will be willing to pay up to 10k R$ for this after the game is done

How To apply
To Apply contact Ophira948#3258 on discord from there i will ask for your portfolio and then i will ask you some basic questions (eg: How old are you?) Then @GamingForever941 and @Kisferenc will decide who to choose.

Thank you for reading this :slight_smile: Hope you enjoy your day :slight_smile:

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