Low-Poly Park Landscape Feedback

Hello. I finished creating this chunk of park landscape, and while I think it looks good for the most part, I feel something is a little bit off. I am looking for compliments/suggestions. Overall, this took me around three hours to complete, with a total of 200 parts.

I mainly built this to practice building. I plan to add a chunks every week to eventually build a complete park.



Game link:

I would also like to know the lighting properties that would go well with this.

Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks for reading!


This is incredible! This voxel style seems to be pretty rare on Roblox, and I think that it works well!

If I were to have any feedback, it would probably be to have a bit more texturing on the grass, sort of like there is on the pathway. Whether it’s stones or more small tufts of grass shouldn’t matter, it’s up to you. Something else you could try is to make the branches that support the leaves a bit less curved at the bottom, and try experimenting with much wider/larger trees. It could give the park a nice feel, as at the moment it seems a little too open.

Otherwise, this is a super cool style, and if you’re willing to spend some time coding it, could be implemented pretty well into a plugin to make creating land such as this much faster.

EDIT: I just noticed that every object in the park is constrained to one block of land, and if you don’t want to try larger tress because of this, that is understandable! Something you could try however, is making some more variation in the trees, such as having a conifer-esk tree (small trunk with a tall and pointy top image(like this but with a more visible trunk)). it could also be beneficial to include a bit more variety in not only the trees, but also with the bushes and undergrowth, as it could add a bit more life to the scene.

I understand that it could take a while to build additional models, but I believe the outcome would be worth it!


Style reminds me of AmazingAbs, really simple yet kid friendly, I would suggest though making it more vibrant, but not to harsh to the point where the colors are just clashing with each other and harsh on the eyes! Other then that nice stuff!


No words can explain how I adore this build, It’s a style that I don’t see to often, I wished the colors were a bit more vibrant, I also recommend to add rocks but overall it’s a 10 in my eyes.


also if you have any updates on it, I would love to see some pictures! your post has gotten me super interested in this build style!


Loving the build, voxel like a lot of people have said here very rare to find on the forums, but when we find it we love it. Keep up the work!

  • Maybe add more tree variants?
  • Add broken logs or just tree trunks on the floor etc for detail
  • Maybe lily pads in the river?
  • Leaves on the ground?
  • Flowers to give it more colour and detail
  • Add more colour to give it a more appealing vibrant vibe
  • Maybe change some of the tiles on the dirt path a brighter colour so it isn’t all the same also

Anyways keep up the great work! would love to some more and even possibly updates on some stuff.

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Where did you learn voxel art like this. Have been interested in learning as it fits my low poly style.


Oop I think I found your inspiration video.

I have also used some of his builds as inspiration for models. Just glad you didn’t copy it 1 for 1. Might want to make that clear for other viewers :slight_smile:

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Nice job lol. I typically use inspirations for builds, and then edit them to create that originality aspect. This helps me learn from others and build up my knowledge on architecture.

I was about to edit my post. :sweat_smile:

Woah! That looks epic!

Could I by any chance get your lighting settings?

Sure. I did use the celestial body dragger plugin (just to get the sun to a different angle).

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