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Hello developers!

Over the past couple of days, I’ve started developing a low-poly roleplay game and I have a small portion of it done and wanted some thoughts on it. I’m looking for constructive criticism and suggestions on what to improve upon. Thanks!

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These are my first ever low poly designs so they are far from perfect but I feel they are a good start.


The use of materials tend to make it less low poly like. You could set it too smooth plastic and add a reflectance of 0.1. Other than that, it looks good.


The result I got from your suggestion really helped add a new layer of light and cartoony vibe to the entire build overall. Thank you very much


I think it looks pretty good so far except we know nothing about what the rp game is about. Your trees look really good but the building should have a more creative roof- the flat slab looks really plain.


Necessary explanation that what you’re describing is not “Low Poly”

The assets look ok but it’s giving us very little to go on further than that. Invest more time into projects before looking at feedback so that what we say can be more insightful than “looks good so far, but there isn’t a lot to talk about.” Quality feedback is hard to give in this case.

Better yet, get a greybox of the map together and let us look around in it to get a feel for the space :slight_smile:


Your low poly trees looks awesome, the house is really good to but i would make it look like low poly. But just like Aotrou said this is really simply to give full feedback on but everything else looks ok!!!

I would just work on the house a little more and make, more models houses trees and more stuff to feel in the map…


Hey I like the look of what you have built, the only problem I see is that it’s too bright in my opinion and the lighting should be softened.

Good luck with your builds :+1:

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Yea, it looks even brighter when I play it. Is there a built in roblox light with shadows?


You could Play with the brightness in the lighting tab:
You could also play with the other settings in there to get the theme you want. Good luck!

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Thank you! Im def gonna play with that tab!


To add to what @Inserted_Cring3 said, play with the objects you can insert into lighting, such as ColorCorrectionEffect, Bloom, and Sunrays. Personally, with the regular lighting properties, only thing I change typically is the OutdoorAmbient; I havent tried messing with Colorshift yet in my builds. Finding a different skybox for your build could be helpful as well.

This is the only recently example of mine that I played with lighting w/ but it should show you the atmosphere it can create for your build.

Vanilla lighting

Adjusted lighting


I tried to add some special colored lighting but it didn’t appear when I play the game. In studio the lighting is very noticeable and looks nice but it’s like it wasn’t applied to the game.


What is the “special colored lighting” specifically? I’m not entirely sure how the lighting wouldn’t show up in game but would in studio. If it persists, I’d probably search the dev forum for similar instances and try to research the problem.


I’m talking about ambient light. (I forgot the name earlier e.e). I could be using it wrong though. Thanks for the help!


Try checking this out for lowpoly lighting:


Thank you! After looking this over I’m going to add it. Again, thanks very much!

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Looks cool, but with the low poly concept you are going for, I’d say make everything solid colors no textures to make it look more bright and stuff. Subdivide into triangle faces, a lot of low poly stuff is just quadrilaterals and such. Triangle faces always looked the best to make and it’s it more diverse and more professional.

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Thanks for the advice! Im working on the triangle thing, Im running into some issues with Blender although I think its my Mac causing the problem. Anyways thank you! Im also working on adding entrily triangle terrain. Do you have any suggestions on a plug in to use for that?

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I don’t use terrain plugins sorry I usually use Smooth Terrain or flat ground

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One thing, I like low poly builds. Now, I think you should add more detail to the background eg, the skybox and the grass. They both seem out of place due to the low poly models being here.