Low-Poly style shooter

Hello and welcome to this thread, I am currently looking for some 3d Modellers and animators that can do the following:
1) Make some low-poly characters.
2) Simple guns.
3) Animate the character and the guns

I would rather have them made on a 3D Modelling platform and not in roblox since I feel like blender, maya, etc can make things look great

The Team
@dev_kross : Main builder.
@DisorientedProtocol : Animator.
@ [Wanted] : Modeller.

What is the game about?
The game will be low-poly style, there will be around 2 main maps and a couple of side maps. It will have vehicles, explosions and all the fun stuff.
There will also be other future gamemodes like derby where you crash into each other with cars and the first one to survive wins!

Please contact me on discord kross#8660 and don’t message me as I don’t tend to read them very often.

Are you looking for scripters by any chance? I haven’t seen any in your team.
Also mention the payment details.

Scripting help will come along :slight_smile:

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