Low Poly Sword Feedback

What do you think of my sword? I just got into building. How much do you think it could sell for?


It’s a really nice sword! Good job!

At this stage in your career as a builder, you should be more focused on improving your skills and developing your style, rather than worrying about selling things.

While the sword is pretty cool, it’s still fairly basic and I’d reckon that most experienced builders could replicate it in a couple of minutes just from this picture.

BUT! That’s not to say that you should give up! Just spend some more time practicing your skills. Watch tutorials on YouTube, ask questions, and never be afraid to post your work here on the forum for feedback! Before your know it, you’ll be churning out top-quality work. Keep it up!


I like the style. :clap:
I’m not one to judge, I’m not a builder, and like @Sunshine60 said, you probably shouldn’t focus on selling it, work on it and refine your skills.

Besides that, it looks nice, good job!

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Hello there, this sword is really good taking in count that you just got into building recently, @Sunshine60 said pretty much all what you have to know and things that you gotta follow so you can get some success and improve each and everyday with the help of all the developers here in the DevForums.
Just follow what Sunshine said, and keep working on models and you’ll for sure improve for the better in no time. Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

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I don’t it will sell for much but the quality of the low poly is eye catching and will get more buyers but you need to improve on small details such as the grip of the sword and overall small designs on the sword so the buyer would be more interested in buying it.

I like it though!

For someone who just recently got into building its sure is good. However I think its too thick of a blade. Try increasing the height of it. Price wise I’d say it depends on how long it took you to make it and who you are trying to sell it to. If you are looking for a specific number I’d say around R$50-250 or $1-3 USD.