Low poly terrain build

so this is my low poly


Well you think it’s bad because that really isn’t the greatest poly image. You made a decent map but professional low poly modelers can do 10x better than this.


You might want to delete that. That’s a really ignorant thing to say.

Low poly = Low polygons. Clearly you can.

You didn’t need to hate on low poly. You literally could have said: “My friend wanted me to make low poly assets.”


its an opinion although, im not gonna change it.

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Actually, I’ve been wanting to learn how to build things like that, but I’m not the builder type.

I think some low poly models are low effort. But also realize that in many games there are low poly models with high resolution textures. So personally it depends on what you’re putting in the lowpoly model. If it’s just a tree like yours, then I’d say it’s low effort. But others do look nice even if they’re low poly. Plus, high poly creates lag very easily.

Edit: It looks good btw. Maybe add materials to it or something like that.

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If this is your first time making low poly then its good for a starting point.
Good job!

I think you can do low poly. It’s really just less bricks/polygons. It is not low effort, it provides a more cartoony style.

Like how @Crazedbrick1 said, that’s really ignorant, you might want to change the wording or just delete it. You can have an opinion, but you are putting down other builders, who are extremely talented in low poly when you say that.


This is only his opinion, we can’t stop him from having his opinion.
But that is kinda rude to say low-poly bad since i am low-poly builder.
We must understand that everyone have their own mind.

something like that isn’t the best just because its less detail that doesn’t mean its not hard you have to make your own models and draw out a map and many other things plus a lot of people need low poly builders for simulators and more

Low Poly is NOT low effort. You might think its terrible and bad, but thats your opinion.
Building low poly just isnt low effort. Theres alot of builds and stuff i have seen that are low poly but take 5 times as long as a high poly.

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Excactly, thats what im trying to say, i have an opinion but im acknowledging that its like that

Hey, I have a similar story but opposite…
I love Low Poly builds and think High Poly is pretty overused and overefforted
My friend opposed me on that and said “well why dont you try then”
and i created this to say how easy and usual high poly is:

So I made this asset to show my friend it has pretty high polygons and I made this in around 40 seconds…
Listen dude every kind of art requires skill and even though it looks simple, it most probably is NOT. I do respect opinions but the way you described in this description was uhh kinda offensive ngl…
(My presentation on high poly was just a joke meant as a sarcasm and I DO RESPECT OPINIONS)
I just wanted to show how it makes the person feel kinda bad in a sarcastic way so dont take it personally :smiley:

I do understand that, but it’s not respectful to just say that on a post, especially on the internet, because it can offend someone and make them feel like their work is trash.
Like, if you went up to someone at your job, who made something amazing, and you just go “It sucks and it’s low effort, it’s a terrible style”, you’d probably get fired for being rude to people at your job.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but if it’s going to offend someone, you should keep it to yourself.

Just put yourself in my case then.
What do you feel when you are good at something and some people just like “nah, It’s easy, everyone can do that”.
What do you feel in this case then? Someone just reply on your portfolio and say “bad builds”.
Sorry if this may seem rude to you to said that, I still have a big respect to you.

Low Poly is as easy as you make it be but don’t look at it as a style, which people make it out to be.

Low Poly is intended for a performance boost which is why most popular games on Roblox are Low Poly.

But granted you did deliver something Low Poly.

In my opinion since you’re doing a tropical style i’d recommend making the water more turquoise