Low poly traditional Scanian half lumber house

I’ve made this traditional Scanian (I call it traditional scanian because these are traditional houses in the region of Scania, I’m aware that other places also have similar architecture) half lumber house with a thatch roof. Of course I made it Low poly because why not, I will make a minitature coast village with this style :wink:


Now everything looks decent and detailed but the roof is bland and really doesn’t have any detail, what I would recommend is something kinda like this:

(And yes lmao, the only good image I could find would be a stock photo)

that’s not the roof the half lumber house version I made, in Scania we also have these but I went with the more classical thatch roof that you can see here.

Ah ok I see what you mean, so in this case, maybe add low poly grass patches to the roof or something that would give it detail.

Yeah I totally agree but the thing is I started working on the roof part at 11PM and wanted to finish that day but was super tired so I just did a quickie, I will definently update the build someday

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