Low Poly Tree Modle

This is my first day on Blender

I have been learning Blender to help with my game and thought I would try make a tree.

Screen Shot 2020-11-29 at 19.23.45

TreeLeaves.obj (15.5 KB)

Update Img:
Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 08.43.28

Please coment what you think and do feel free to take (if you can)


Looking good! One thing I would recommend is making the trunk a bit more skinny, which would look better on a tree of that type.


It looks great! I would suggest maybe making the trunk a darker brown, right now it looks like its dark green.


I think it looks kinda cute lol. Like the other guy I think the trunk could do with pushing inwards a bit or alternative making the leaves a bit bigger.


Thanks for the help and what is the best way to export it to roblox (preferably with colour).

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Kinda cute I gotta say, by the way, yeah it’s pretty cool. Maybe you can make some part of the tree a little bit more skinny

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This tutorial series might be helpful if you’re just starting out with blender:

While you won’t end up with a “game-ready” model (the donut you end up with would be too high-poly for an actual game), it teaches you a lot of blender fundamentals.