Lowering the Proximity Prompt

Hi! I made a proximity prompt in a union that looks like this

It is located in a union:

I am trying to lower the proximity prompt near the player’s head. Is there a way to do it without making a new part with the proximity prompt inside? The reason I don’t want to make a new part is I have multiple unions just like this and I need to copy and paste the proximity prompt over and over. If I had it in a separate part, I would need to move the proximity prompt every time I duplicate it which would be a huge pain.

Well, it is supposed to be centered in a part, so I guess you have to make another part

Idk if there is a script

Well is there a way to lower it in properties, script, etc or not?

you could add a secondary part in the union where you would put the proximity prompt in and make the part cancollide false and transparent

You Could Put The Proximity Prompt In A Attachment and Move The Attachment Down

In the original forum post I said that I don’t want to add a new part because I would need to move the part every single time I duplicated it.

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This worked perfectly, thanks!

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