LowerTorso appears fixed in place?

Hey, so I was trying to make another big asset in my game, and I happen to run into this issue: while all other Humanoid roots were moving as normal, this one appears stuck in one place (and no I don’t mean it’s anchored). It’s not even welded to the HRP either, and what makes this stranger is it looks fine in-studio but not in-game.



Where did I go wrong?
Alright, I think I know what the problem is. If you weld the player’s HRP to the Stand’s HRP, the LowerTorso gets stuck in one place. How would I fix that?

Two months later, I found the solution is the Humanoid’s HipHeight property. It was changed after the animations were made. PunkKidXXII, what the heck, man?


You should probably see what’s going wrong in console. They might share the same HumanoidRootPart names. In-game might assume its the same for the stand and player.

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Hmm, I don’t see anything suspicious there.

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