Lowing the gravity on my chassis is causing it to slide

So basically my issue is that I am using a BodyForce in my car, but when the car’s speed is faster, it causes the car to slide a lot on the ground when there is a BodyForce inside of the car, but it works perfectly without a BodyForce, my car is rigged with constraints, CylindricalConstraints and SpringConstraints.

Additional info:

Wheels have the Friction and FrictionWeight set to max. (2 and 100).
There is a part in the middle of the car which is down to prevent the car to flip.
Car’s speed is 70.
The torque of the car is set to 10,000.

Is this because the gravity on the car is low?
If so, then how can it be fixed?

Any help on this would be highly appreciated as I am still learning to create cars. Thanks for taking your time and reading this. Have a great day/night! :slight_smile: