Lua index/newindex/namecall microprofile labels have changed


This is a quick PSA for an update that just went live for the microprofiler.

For Lua property and method access, instead of displaying the qualified property name (Part.FindFirstChild), we are now only displaying the property/method name inline; you can still see the class name by hovering over the profiler label.


This change dramatically reduces consumption of a shared buffer that is used for annotating Lua calls (and is shared with script names, custom profiler labels, etc.). In Lua-heavy games this should significantly reduce the occurrence of missing labels where you’d see “$Script” or “$newindex” without a way to see which script was running or which properties were accessed. This also will reduce profiling overhead on Lua-heavy games.

Lua dot-child access (e.g. workspace.Vehicles) is still using the old style visualization and will be converted to the new style early next year.


This has been a large issue for me lately, thanks for this change.


Can this be re-added as an option? Seeing these labels is very helpful for tracking down issues that might not be using a custom label. For example I recently fixed an issue where we were accidentally making 200 ReadVoxels calls instead of 1 because I was able to look at it and see all those calls by name.


We have not removed any information, we have changed the way the information is displayed. Instead of Terrain.ReadVoxels you will now see ReadVoxels and you can see the class name (Terrain) in the hover tooltip.