Lucy22m- Composer of music for Roblox Games [For Hire]


I’m Ben, I’ve been composing for about 6 years and can use high quality sounds. I can emulate any style you want and fit it to your game. I don’t take % percent profit in your game. The prices are negotiable but here are some estimates (I do not take robux, PayPal only):

-Final prices depend on length and complexity of the music, however please keep in mind that this is my profession so prices may easily reach higher than $100
-Revisions - Depends on the severity of the revision, but I can and will charge you for any large revision.
-Recorded any other instrument - This depends on what another musician asks
-Even if you decide not to use a piece of music for your project that I make for you, you still have to pay for it.
-Any project requires a $15 nonrefundable charge for me to start working. This does not count towards anything I create for you.

You can E-Mail me or message my Discord account for further inquiries.

I have been studying music for 10 years and am currently going to college for it so I can assure a quality product.

Here is my portfolio: