Luniére / looking for clothing designers!

luniére is a new and upcoming clothing group that strive to bring out original and new clothes.
Currently, I am the only one on the team as the group’s developer. I am currently working on a unique homestore for the group. I have created some clothing on the group, but does not live up to the standards that I have hoped.

Check out the group here:!/about


  • I am looking for clothing designers who have experience making realistic clothes
  • You must be able to create clothing fitting our style, which is retro and vintage (if you would like to see reference photos of our style just ask)
  • You must also be able to make about 3-5 outfits per week

I expect the clothing group to make a sustainable amount of profit
Because I will be using my own personal robux to advertise our group, you will be payed 50% of how much your clothes makes
If all else fails I have group funds that I am able to payout to you based on how much effort and clothes you have contributed to the group

You can contact me if you are interested or need more information on my discord llumiere#4887
i am only hiring two designers at most so contacting my discord would be the best option instead of replying to this post


Hello! @MrDerpSavage is a good clothing designer!

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thank you! ill go ahead and check him out

Do you need a GFX artist by any chance? :slight_smile:

we might, contact me on my discord so i can see some of your work! :smiley:

Is it alright if I do it through here? My discord account is disabled at the moment.

if any of you need reference photos of the style we are looking for! :smiley:

yeah thats fine. some examples im looking for are clothing ads and thumbnails for a homestore

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