Lux: War of Magic

The last few months, I have spent a good part of my time working on a game based on magic.

In game, players control a sphere (for reasons both stylistic and physical), which casts spells using mouse gesture recognition. The spells themselves demonstrate a number of interesting aspects, including part fracturing, size-based telekinesis, and a good bit more. The characters themselves are pseudo-humanoids with orbital cameras: that is, the camera adjusts itself to the terrain, even upside down, if you manage to cling… Mix in funny text messages, a unique random tree generator (for this reason, give the game a few minutes to load), and a general lack of seriousness, and you get Lux: War of Magic

Also, try dying. It’s fun. Trust me. On another side note, I can’t seem to get links or images to work despite using the bracket format.

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Thank you. Unfortunately, my skills evidently do not extend to attaching images to posts.

The link you need is
and put {img}{/img} tags around but with brackets

Huh. I tried that first, and it didn’t show up. I also tried using the link format for the place link initially; that too did not show up. Ah well. Is there an auto filter?

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I can’t cast a single spell, :c.

@CeaselessSoul: It can be a bit hard at first. Make sure that the number of lines in your drawing matches the ones in the spell book. Click on the spell icons to get a better idea of how to cast spells.

@Chaotic+HanSolo: Thanks! Your solutions worked. I seem to have forgotten to put / at the end of the url’s.

I’m really trying here, I make a square and nothing happens, my mouse glitched and I made this random shape and I get the lightning spell. Please, make a video of drawing and executing all the spells and post it here.

Try the gust spell starting from left to right; you need to draw each line in the correct order, which is hard to figure out in cases such as the square.

In cases like that, clicking on the spell book spell icon is very useful.

I’ve improved the spell selection system. It now recognizes spells mirrored about the y axis and patterns which are rotated (as a whole) up to 40 degrees. Hope this helps.

I could not get a single spell to fire. I couldn’t even get the lightening bolt. It looks great but I suck.

I’ve added an update which should make all spells easier to select. Within the next few days, I’ll try to make a tutorial for game play… I don’t know how well it will work though.