.lxfml Importer and Exporter*

All this does it parses the .lxfml file into a table and creates the parts.
-Parts must be prebuilt
-Colors are not a 100% match due to how BrickColors work

With a given model, it will parse the parts into a table and assemble the string that works with the file:
-The parts must be named with correct id for the part
-Parts colors do not carry over correctly sometimes

Just a small project I have made. I will probably just open source it some time this week as a place file since I just build mine directly with the least amount of parts possible with no studs (ex: See my planes)

Edit: I have open sourced this project. I don’t have the time to make +5K primitives, so someone else can finish this if they want. http://www.roblox.com/games/294369130/lxfml-Importing-and-Exporting

Does it support complex models?

What do you mean by complex models? Like models that have gears, axels, wheels, and stuff like that?

Yes ^

Here is the thing: They should work in terms of placing, but I haven’t tested. Their positions and rotations carry over 100% correctly, but I did not have the parts in Roblox or a complex .lxfml file.