M̶i̶n̶i̶m̶a̶p̶ ̶C̶r̶e̶a̶t̶o̶r̶ ̶[̶R̶o̶R̶e̶n̶d̶e̶r̶]̶ DEPRECATED

Would this one day support meshes with textures ?

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Sorry for the bump but the instructions are vague and i want to export it as png would that be possible. Again sorry for the bump

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There are many posts in this thread about procedure, there are a list of instructions in the plugin widget itself, and there is the original thread on the original mini-map system with the original instructions for setup. You’re the first person to have a problem with it.

And it exports as PNG by default : P

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Alright thank you i might have to talk again if im having trouble rendering it thank you!

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The drag handle of your plugin seems to be broken.


OUTDATED: Use this post instead.

Outdated Version

I have made a fixed version of this plugin with the Handles fixed.

To install it, drag the file in Roblox Studio then Right click => Save as local plugin.

RoRenderFixed.rbxmx (222.0 KB)


This seem to work but when i export the image it comes out black.


The only thing I edited in the plugin are the handles, and they work fine for me and export fine as well.

So if there is a bug its most likely not related to this.

Your problem is similar to:

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Whenever a black image comes out that generally means something is wrong with how you’ve configured it. Bugs in this plugin usually show up as artifacts in the image or the image just not exporting at all. Black pixels are fed into the image handler application when they ray cast from studio did not hit any objects


is this a virus i dont need any viruses on my laptop

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The program is open sourced, I think if this was a virus someone would have called him out already


my minimap comes out black all i did was drag the handles to the correct size and started the server after everything completed i exported and it came out with a black image


would you like to guide me?
Alex N. 2L-432#4779 on discord

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You have to configure the ray length. You didn’t configure the ray length.

If the ray is too small it will not hit anything and the image will come out black. Make sure the ray is a little bit longer than the distance between the handles Y position and the Y position of the lowest point of your map.

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Im with a problem, i cant open rorender and btw my java is updated

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ive done at least 10 renders, doing all different tricks. they keep coming out black

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Is there any way we can generate the map on Roblox?

For those with low-end CPUs with not many cores rendering large maps takes a lot of time. So is there any way to publish the place and make 8-10 players join and render the map quickly?

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I have played around with that idea but ultimately decided not to because website and server costs that I would not be able to recoup.


This could be possible, one player could host a server on their computer and they could configure a server sided script to send HTTP POST requests to their server every few seconds with information on how to create the image (this information should be compressed so lots of bandwidth isn’t used).

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