MacOS Performance Issues in Roblox Studio

I just want to discuss how the performance on Mac is horrendous when it comes to studio. My Mac is starting to reach roughly 100 degrees centigrade when running the testing place for my game and is concerning for long term use. Also, when using studio in general, it feels slow when navigating through properties and the explorer and is sluggish at times. Is anyone able to respond as to why this is the case? My CPU usage isn’t actually too bad when running it but my Mac overall temperature is just awful.

This also happens to me. My cpu is usually around 81˚ Celsius (about 178˚ Fahrenheit) when using Studio. It’s ridiculous.

Yeah, I’m mainly been getting the issue since yesterday when I go into play test, leave and my temperature just suddenly exponentially increases. I haven’t got this as much as I have in the past two days.