Made a concept Gui for my game

Ive tryed to make a first concept gui for a game im trying to create. What are you opinions? Is there anything i should change on it?


There’s way too many font changes, it’s inconsistent.

Especially on the bottom image. Your Play button has a simplistic font whilst your Shop button has something off a horror movie thing. Your title is not even close to those two, so yeah, it’s always better to choose one or more very similar fonts for different aspects of your game, like the main menu.

Other than that, if it’s still in concept than its fine however I really hope you don’t go for that bright red right panel on the bottom image. You wanna go easy on the player’s eyes, not blow them out and turn them blind almost. Always choose colors that are easy to look at and wont strain anyone’s eyes.


“Not blow them out and turn them blind almost” That got me :joy:. But you are right. The red is too bright and the fonds at the main page should be the same. I gonna change them anyways. Also not everything of the main menu interface is done. I still need to make the route and the train selection pages.