Made a couple gfx designs, suggestions, feedback?

Here’s the gfx designs!



  1. How do these look? I made them kinda quickly, and they’re kinda sloppy. I’m tired so I’ll keep working tomorrow.

  2. I don’t know what to add

  3. I just made them and haven’t done much to them

I use and I’ve made 3 (these two make it 5) gfx’s before and, I intend on using a 3d software in the future for now, though.I want to know about this. Yes, I’ve used in the past mainly to make clothing. I’d appreciate any feedback/suggestions. :joy_cat: Feel free to use them if you want, you don’t have to give credit.


The lighting is a bit dull, you should work on the lighting and maybe some other backgrounds.


If you try C4D or Blender to render the characters, it will look a lot crisper.



  • I see you left a floating avatar on this one, I’m not a big fan of these since there is no shadow and no platform for the user to stand on.

  • The lighting is dull, try learning more about lighting and how they work, they should tend to be better sooner or later.

  • Like @chenami said, use C4D or Blender to render the characters, it will make even nicer and better. Though I recommend using Blender since it’s free.

  • @ZapZapRBLX says on backgrounds, they do need a little work, improve and you’ll get better.

  • Positions are too simple, feel like they need more of a “bend” to it.

Hopefully you don’t take this the wrong way, just helping you improve! :slight_smile:


They lack tone and the backgrounds don’t help this. Overall good concepts but the poor renders let them down.

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They look pretty good :+1: but I have a few suggestions:

The first images background looks a little weird.I think it just looks a little dull. Maybe if you made the colours and lighting a bit brighter it could improve it.

The second image looks great except the arm and torso kind of blends into one and it looks a little weird:
I think you could play with the lighting to improve this.

Also both images just look a little low quality. The character’s outlines are very pixilated.

I think the biggest thing you need to play around with is lighting. That’s really the main thing that’s letting the renders down.

Well done ! It’s a great start and has some potential. Good luck in your future gfx designs :+1:

Your renders in the images aren’t bad.

I think that the backgrounds of the images are a bit boring and I don’t like how they are low on the light or blurred.

@2bki @chenami I said I plan on using a 3d software in the future.

Thanks for advice though! :fox_face:

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