Made a couple little bits of UI!

Heya! I’ve managed to make a couple bits of UI for an island combat game I’m currently making (at the moment, completely solo).

Anyways, cutting right to the chase, here’s the UI I made. It’s supposed to look as clean as possible which I think I did a good job with. I was considering adding little wing graphics on the side of the inventory just to spice things up a little, haha. :slight_smile:

Oh and by the way, yes the hotbar actually works, just has no images yet. :wink:


I appreciate any feedback or comments in general! Thank you! :smiley:

The boxes are a bit pushed up to the top there

Still a 5/5

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Oops! I just noticed that too, haha. Thank you though! :smiley:

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Just made a health bar since I liked working on the UI so much. It works and everything, but I need opinions from people.

Gradient or no gradient? Or any other feedback?

I think putting the health bar below the inventory selection box doesn’t really look good in my opinion and it’s also not centred which kind of bothers me

Otherwise it looks nice

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That image was taken prior to fixing the centering issue, which I noticed a little after posting it.

I’m not entirely sure where else to put the health bar, however. The only other spots I can think of are in the bottom left or bottom right corners.

I’d personally go with bottom left corner unless you already have something there.

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I do not have anything there, so maybe I will put it there. Thanks!

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