Made a horror game in a gui

Hello again, I made a rad 2D horror game based on a game called rooms, im currently working on adding more rooms and some new monsters, link below so you can play the game, if you could give me some ideas / bugs to fix i would be glad, anyways thanks!


It looks interesting but you put this in the wrong category, this is for scripting related issues/problems, not for creations, move this to #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

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oops thanks for telling me i posted it in the wrong category

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The hit boxes are a bit weird, and the maps don’t look very good. You probably shouldn’t use the image as the hitbox, and use a separate GuiObject as a hitbox (for the main player), and turn off borders for the map parts.

The maps are supposed to look like that, but if you dont like the artstile thats fine.

I really like this, REALLY like this. One small issue is that you can’t save your progress. Was this made on purpose?

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Yep that was made on purpose, since you can hide on lockers to survive the monster

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I like the character execpt there isn’t a thing for it when it goes left or right and some of the rooms are a bit empty like the room with the plant and the other room with the books the books are really big, Other than that I like it! :grin: :grin: :grin: good job

Theres supposed to be nonsensical colored walls/shelfs/everything and stretched pixelated books as the artstyle? I feel you should get a better artstyle.

the stretched pixelated books werent intended but i’ll take your recommendation about the other stuff and change them

I do love the GUI horror idea, very inspiring to me as I’ve wanted to make one for a while now.
The red monster is definitely a lot more fair than the one in the 3D version and I actually felt like I could react in time even if I got unlucky with 3 rooms in a row. But the static is a bit loud in my opinion, it should be turned down slightly. Though it should still be audible, unlike the 3D version where, in my opinion, it’s too easily drowned out by background noise.
I left sometime around room 140 and did not encounter any other monsters.
Also I think there should be a 250 or 500 rooms badge but that’s just my personal opinion.