Made a identify gui

Pretty basic, yes, I know, the GUI is a temporary one tho!


Looks good, mabey center the orange text more, and make the “Identify Myself” button have green text instead of black. Otherwise, looks good.


Just thinking about a resource that is a identify service… Yeah not now tho.

ANSWER TO @Game_Impossible: Great idea!


Looks pretty good. Of course it could be more visually pleasing. (Rounded corners better colors, outlines etc etc)

It is a great option for some games to use a gui like this.

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Profile UI in here!

there needs to be more detail the orange text need to be center, it should be green with white background fir identify and red with white background for refuse to identify and make the orange text in a textbox

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Also, the “i” in the word “if” is lowercase instead of uppercase, you might want to fix that.

I think that adding the 2 buttons into 1 selection menu would help this temporary GUI. Maybe you could even change up the font and or colors while you’re at it.

It’s decent, and it does the job. I recommend you make the orange text black. Orange just looks sort of weird.

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