Made a lightning humanoid GFX, need feedback

I just finished making a GFX that I thought of, which consists of a humanoid with blue hair holding a lightning orb, being surrounded by lightning. I call the character “Bolt.” I have been working on this for a while, and really would like some feedback, either positive or constructive. If I should work on something more to get better at it that you see in the picture. Let me know!



Greetings, your GFX looks very well-made in my opinion, though might I suggest you lessen the lighting in your art because the avatar behind it is almost looking covered by the lightning, also I would suggest if your going to put letter in your GFX make it only to have a name that is viewable and make sure it’s only one, I recommend you remove the other word that is claimed ‘Coldgeckos’ in the top but leave the red wording in the GFX.
Overall, I appreciate the effort you placed in making your very own GFX and I hope you improve this.

Maybe use more variety of lighting effects. It looks like it was rendered in Blender eevee if I’m not wrong, so there is almost no shade.