Made a unique GFX

So ye:

I would love to here Feedback!



its a pretty good gfx, however you can take some things in mind for the future:

  1. obvious one, add a watermark to prevent any possible theft
  2. every single dot is different, some has slight edges, some are bigger, some are a bit flattened. if you did the dots in photoshop, don’t circle around to make a dot, instead make the pencil bigger and simply click once around to create perfect dots.

idk what else can be better, I suppose try working a bit better with lighting? idk but it looks pretty cool, good work

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the lighting is very white, and the character design is questionable but i guess it does fit in. background lighting has much more contrast and depth than foreground lighting, and this guys hands and pose kinda looks weird

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It was on purpose. To make it look cool, I did it.

Anyways thanks for the feedback

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Can you explain more? What’s with the pose and hands?

Thanks for your Feedback!

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Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 7.52.44 AM

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 7.52.58 AM
hands is also disconnected and very stiff

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Those white thingies are supposed to be half-gloves.

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It’s pretty cool!

Only thing is that the pose is a little strange. The legs are kinda inside of the player’s torso or I’m not sure if it’s sitting down.

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I don’t know why everyone says the pose is strange .

But the legs are not in the torso, the view is just like that.

And thanks for your feedback!

doesn’t look like it. it just cuts off, and that looks very weird.

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I really like the GFX but maybe choose a different background for it. You really want the character to stand out and not blend in because the GFX isn’t about the background but it’s for the character.

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I replied on the other Topic on this about Suggestion of Background, However I’m still Confused about the White thing in your hands.

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