Made an arm for a side loading refuse truck but it won't pick up the bin

Can’t post a bug report so I’m posting here.
I’ve made a side loading refuse truck arm but whenever I try picking up or literally moving the bin in any way, the bin bounces straight back to its original position. I did find a solution to it by having a rope set at a very long length attach to you whenever you click the main part of the bin, but I sometimes forget to click the bin again after dumping it in the truck and I end up dragging the bin everywhere. I really want to have no scripts in any of the trash bins to prevent any sort of lag.
As you can see, the bin teleports right back to its original position.
Please help me find solutions to this problem, thank you.

You should have the bin attach to the arm if it touches a hit box. Because of the glitchy nature of mesh physics, you will have to do this or replace it with a bin made out of primitives. You can do this by making the mesh a humanoid rig and the arm have an invisible VehicleSeat with collisions disabled so the trash bin sits on it when moving, then have the trashcan unsit afterwards. I’m no scripter so it may seem unorthodox, but it might work.

I feel as though this may have been better off in Scripting Support. As @xXHypotheticXx says, mesh physics can be very glitchy. You’re far better off just scripting the bin to attach itself to the arm but… as a builder, that’s all the advice I can really offer.

I used mesh bins as a sort of trial. I actually use bins with unions right now and they still do the same. I’m not very into having vehicleseats and such on the grabber. I’ll just wait and hope that Roblox fixes this.

It doesn’t really matter if it’s Meshes, Unions, or Parts. Roblox ownership physics really don’t work well with items like this.
I’d put the script into the arm so when it touches a bin it welds the bin to the arm. Making it match up properly without it ‘jumping’ to the position you’re welding it to could be tricky. When the dumping movement or animation is complete then unweld the bin.