Made an Cool "Truck" Event

I made it so a “truck” (it’s really a van, I think) drives around the city and drops treats, which are the main currency of the game.

What do you think of this scene?

Was gonna make it a video but the file size was too big :upside_down_face:

Here it is if you want to see it in game:

There’s also a taxi event where a taxi drives around instead of a truck, but it goes faster and drops more treats, and also bones.

You should make the van rare and when it does spawn, it spawns like treats in increments of like 20, so players will be more enticed to stay, but then there begs the question why would players want to stay for more treats? What does your game offer if they get more treats?

Treats are the main currency of the game. Players can use treats to unlock new areas, which have more unique “events” in them, and they can also buy boxes to unbox charms, which are basically pets.

But why is that gonna make players want to stay?

I’m hoping that the player will want to see all of these cool “events”, which they’ll need treats to do so. They also need treats for badges and just getting better overall.

But do you think just cool events alone will entice the player to stay?

No, but combined with everything about the game, such as the feeling of achievement, the need to get all the upgrades and unlock everything, may be enough to make some players stay for a while.

There’s a premium currency in the game called “bones”, which are used to buy upgrades and teleports to areas. You’ll need to unlock areas and get charms with treats in order to get bones.

what do you think actually makes your game fun though?

collecting treats?

edit : sorry if it seems like im targeting you or something, im just trying to help you hone in on what actually makes your game fun and some existing things you can improve on

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