Made elevator lobby from Roblox HQ

Hello developers! I’ve made a elevator lobby from Roblox HQ!

What I’ve made:

Real life


Ok this is very cool ngl, I think it looks better then the real life version.

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I like it alot. There are a few details needed to be added like sharpness and overall quailty of certain assets. After that, this is well done my friend.

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I like it, maybe you could make the half-sphere shape that is around the light bulb in the real life picture. Otherwise, good job!

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Pretty accurate! There is a second elevator on the left of the one you’ve added. Plus, don’t forget the red glass shades!

For ultimate accuracy, make the elevators as sloooow as possible.


Looks amazing! Could use some cleaning up here and there, but just overall amazing.

Looks good! I think the lighting needs to be red instead of white, and same for the elevator. Raise the ambient. Otherwise, it looks amazing.

Looks awesome, maybe add the light shades, and that elevator gets me Moving :wink:

Upgrades, people, upgrades!


Game link :The Roblox Elevator - Roblox

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I checked it out pretty cool, but the wood should be a little lighter,

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