Made game using only edited free models

I challenged myself to make a game with only free models and scripts.
Leftovers from old games are counted as free models.
Anyway, how would you rate it?
I know free models are hated and all, but i just wanted to look back into the nostalgic times.
Link: Hoose - Roblox
Things i scripted:
The cacti
The intro as a whole
I made the “music” (not scripting but ok)
The spinner’s trip script
The blinds on the windows
The timebomb (i only scripted it not to destroy anything, not anything else)
The mindgrapes (same as timebomb)
The computer
The ads (invite friends, jump - its free)
I might’ve missed some stuff.
Anyway, rate it!

  • Bad
  • Good
  • Meh
  • Good use of free models
  • Wouldnt even notice it used free models
  • Bad for free models
  • Horrendous.

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i was thinking about anything but when i saw old classic stuff i went nostalgic, Really good 100/10 can’t deny Classic


I didn’t think it was this good! :smile: