Made my first chest item drop system

So I’ve been working on this bit of code for an hour now, and i finally got it to work properly, you can see in the output the item that I got from the chest every time I clicked, you also get the items in ur data store, but I didn’t show that part in the gif


Ok Legendary Item Blade when

Nice job making it! It’s a good start, maybe you could make it an actual Chest mesh & make it show a GUI that tells you what you’ve obtained? Overall though, not bad!

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do all things have different chances of unlocking or all chances are equal of unlocking

Just needs a bit more detail, other than that: it looks pretty good!

Works, fine.

I can see it being a simple script, but everyone has their own strength and weaknesses.

Other than that, I can say that you’ve done a decent job. I know that it’s very satisfying and worth the hard work when it’s working just as you imagined it supposed to be.

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I already coded a bit where a GUI pops up on ur screen with the kind of part you get and the rarity you get, also I made different variations of the chest with higher drop rates for rarer parts etc, now I’m just waiting on my builder/Modeler to make me a chest model after his break. :slight_smile:

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