Made My First GFX Thumbnail~Can I get some feedback?

Hey, can I get some feedback on my first GFX, its not the best, but I don’t think it turned out to bad. Also can you guys help me on how to make the shadows smoother and how to make them blend better? Thanks devs!


Looks nice, I’d recommend using an HDRI for renders to achieve realistic lighting. I’d also say you should move the camera closer, make posing a bit more dynamic and play around with textures so they’re not flat. If it’s blender messing with the camera’s focal length is cool for scenes as well!


It looks wonderful. Maybe bring the camera a bit closer as TD_Playz said. Were you using Eevee or Cycles? If you were using cycles maybe you could denoise your render. Just go to the render tab, open denoise and enable it and then select from NLM to OpenImageDenoise and it would come out smoother. Remember to keep on practising!

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Cool! I recommend u use blender ( or almost for render it! )

I recommend you changing the camera angle, work with the map objects because they seem to collide with the flow of the gfx. use two suns with one in a yellow-ish white and another one with just white light just for that realistic look for it. Increase the shadow rendering from the default values to 4096 and same with the cubemap.

7/10 might return to see changes.

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The scene is dull and white basic, I would experiment with including some important elements in the background perhaps expand the area so it doesn’t feel cluttered or tight in a certain corner.

The lighting is not bad the heavy shadows ruin the scene I would advise creating a large source I’m assuming your using a ‘sun’ try to experiment with different angles to have a more defined shadow appearance. I’ll try adding something interesting in the image such as other important details vegetation characters running from some strange object or from players in general.

The heavy shadows can be caused by many issues have you tried messing with the ‘sun source’ or angle on how you have it for your scene? You can allows disable the shadow option, I highly encourage you to experiment with adding additional.