Made some final fantasy stuff

Welp, time to share a few things I’ve made for fun, but ended up abandoning for one reason or another to try and slowly get to regular one day… One day…

Anyways, a long time ago I was working with a few friends on a small project for us where we wanted to remake the Citadel in Final Fantasy XV. I did most of the scripting, another did the building.


Now this is epic. You should make Hammerhead next.


Hi, don’t give up, everything looks pretty good, I like it. A good day .


Well if you say so. Someone said something about a hammerhead? Guess next I can try doing some multiple places in one game thing!

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I really like it! One thing I noticed right away is how when you click play the music instantly cuts out, maybe slowly lower the volume to make the audio fade out?

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Thanks for the tip! I’ll try it out!